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27-31 October 2014 * Half Term - Oxfordshire forests

DATES 27-31.10.201
PLACE: Youlbury Scout Activity Centre, Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5HD

We will stay in a newly constructed building with all amenities :)
Rooms will be suitable for 4 or 6 kids.

We will sleep on bunk beds so, as last time, we ask you bring your sleeping bags.

Each room has a modern fitted bathroom with sink, toilet and shower.

We have a huge hall to play in if it’s wet.
Incredibly equipped kitchen will be in use and with help of our kitchen lady we'll get delicious meals and deserts :)
.. yum yum , I can't wait !

We already know where our base is located and what our house looks like.
Now for some details about the attractions that await us in our October camp :)
As the name says, our base is a real activity Centre- we certainly won't be bored ;)
There are plenty of local attractions and we've already picked some of the most interesting ones.
So here is what we propose:

Learning archery - surely we can find a Robin Hood among you ;)

Crate stacking - great fun to build a really tall tower out of boxes! This activity helps us to overcome fear of heights, maintaining balance and teamwork. All our activities are of course totally safe : specialist staff, ropes and other equipment makes everything very safe so even a fall from such a tower is only fun ;)

- Geocaching - do you know this game? Our version will be a little different, but provide no less excitement;) Treasure hunt has always been fascinating;) ... especially in the forest;)

How about building a hut?
- The place we have is ideal to do so! I wonder what your ideas are and what your designs will look like :)

- Team building games ! - We'll test whether you know how to work as a team having fun at the same time ;)
- Remember the sports from Cornwall? - This time it will be even more fun !

- Nightline - check your orientation in a situation where you cannot see anything ! .. teamwork will be useful here, too ;)

And of course bonfires, singing, delicious baked snacks- yum!

All this and many other exciting activities are waiting for us, it will be amazing, you have our guarantee ;)
The last day we'll spend in a slightly different way - we will take you on a trip to London! Even if you have already had the pleasure of exploring the attractions of this city, I assure you that in our company it will be an unforgettable adventure;)

We offer: Camp for children aged 8-15 years
Place: Oxfordshire forests
Date: 27-31 October 2014 * Half Term
Price: £ 285 per child
The price includes:
- Transport from London
- Accommodation
- 4 meals per day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and drinks
- Transport and tickets to attraction
- 24/7 care

Share it with all your friends: Amazing camp, 27-31 October, the number of places is limited, we invite you all, let's have fun! call us: 07716756152, 03330147777 or please write to us: office@minimaxtravel.co.uk