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An example of a basic list of camper's equipment for 5-7 day camps.

1. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush
2. Pyjamas
3. Sleeping bag (where advised)
5. Rain jacket with hood
7. Flip flops, trainers + possibly plimpsolls, wellingtons (where advised)
8. 5-7 sets of underwear
9. 3-4 long sleeved sweatshirts with (one warm)
10. 3 pairs of long trousers (one track suit)
11. 3 pairs of shorts
12. 6 t-shirts
13. Small backpack for day trips, wallet would be best hanging round the neck
14. Pocket money (£20-30) - can be kept by supervisors.
15. A small torch
16. Bath towel
17. Slippers

Additionally for summer breaks we suggest taking:

- Beach towel
- Suncream with high filter
- Trunks or swimsuit
- Cap or hat to protect the head from the sun
- Sandals or other summer shoes

Additionally for the autumn camps we suggest taking:

- Anti mosquitoes / ticks cream
- Wellingtons shoes

Additionally for the winter camps we suggest taking:

- Warm waterproof winter shoes
- Gloves (preferably 2 pairs)
- Hat, scarf
- Warm waterproof jacket

Getting ready

Going on a kids camp where the child will spend a few nights without their mother and father is always a big event for the whole family. Such a trip is worth being properly prepared for. . Below we present some tips to help parents survive a period of separation from a child more easily , and children to feel comfortable in a new situation.
Fill out the camp health card, and include anything that mght be important on the trip: motion sickness, food allergies, sensitiveness for drugs, etc.
Talk to your child, remembering that any anxieties you may have about their first time away will be passed on to your child. Try instead to fill them with enthusiasm and assurances of great fun.


Let the child take part in the packing so they know what things are theirs, what their beach towel looks like etc. Take into account the opinion of the child ;)Name the clothes, especially if they are new. Children do not pay attention to such issues and there may be a problem identifying personal belongings later. Match the size of luggage to the number of days away, pack only what is needed. . - it will be easier for the child to find things when they need them if there are not too many of them. The luggage should be sized for a child alone to carry. It also a good idea to provide a bag where the child can keep their dirty clothes separate from the clean ones. The child should have handy backpack, which will hold lunch and drink on day trips. If your child is taking medications – inform the organizer.

Pocket money and valuables

A child should not bring any valuable items. Supervisors and organizers do not take responsibility for any items brought by child. Do not give your child large amounts of money. Remember that all expenses are included Pocket money can be held by the supervisor. If possible, do not give your child a mobile phone. Firstly, it can easily be lost , and secondly using mobile phones interferes with the conduct of activities. If necessary, you can call the supervisor or organiser and ask to speak to the child. And if we need to, we'll call you.

The journey

Before leaving, try not to give the child to eat a heavy meal . If your child suffers from motion sickness, be sure to inform us about it in advance and give him or her the right medicine to prevent nausea and also please equip your child with wipes and a plastic bag. When a child feels unwell they should immediately notify the supervisor.
Do not give your child an excessive amount of food for the journey. Find out how long the journey will last and adjust the amount of provisions. Remember that it is much better to give a child a sandwich, an apple and mineral water than crisps, chocolates, jellies and sweetened, carbonated soft drinks.

Contact with the child and the supervisor

If the child brings a mobile phone, please remember that phone calls are only allowed at fixed times (information will be given before leaving ). Please remember, continuous phone calls from parents interfere withg activities, and sensitive children who may have just started to manage get into the fun will start to miss their parents again.
Save our phone number, so you can call if necessary. Also, please be sure to fill in your contact phone numbers, so that the organizer can contact you.
Please remember that each camp has at least 50 people, so do not call the supervisors again and again , because their role is primarily taking care of kids and organising activities rather than reassuring parents ;)